"My overall thoughts on this program aren't very hard to think about, because the program is outstanding!  I say this because they have helped me with pretty much all of my concerns regarding college. They assisted with finding one not too far from home, and not too expensive. They have also helped me with goal setting by thinking about my future and what I want to be. This program has impacted me a lot, because they make high school and life in                                          general much easier. What I enjoy about this program is the trips                                                          we take to colleges to learn about them and how they work. Another                                                  thing is the weekly afternoon meets, we meet different people and                                                      learn about different careers that we might want to pursue. This                                                         program is so amazing and I highly recommend considering joining                                                     them or at least talk with them."  — Draven R. (CHS freshman c/o 2023)

"I think being apart of this program means being a family. It means working with people you’ve never met, and being able to form a bond. It means new improvement & exploration of a lot of things most kids do not get to experience."  — Emilee W.  (CHS  sophomore c/o 2022)


"UBMS has helped me in so many ways. They've encouraged me to study for my SAT. I also feel more independent and motivated by the counselors. I feel more connected to the vision of going to college."  — America G. (CHS junior c/o 2021)

"The Collinsville Upward Bound Math & Science program is important to me.  The answer is quite simple, it means being a part

of a small family that has your back with academics. They will give you all the tools you need to prosper and guide you in the

right direction. Their experiences help ease the process with things like high school and college. I am truly grateful to be a part

of the UMBS team."      — Monserrat M. (CHS senior c/o 2020)



"As a parent of a first generation student this program is very important,

because it teaches her the information needed to go into college and help

explore future options."  — Norma Vega (Mother of  Crista R. - CHS sophomore c/o 2022)

“Upward Bound Math and Science is an interesting program with a lot of great benefits.

I’m excited that the program is here, and we have a chance to participate.  [My children] were thrilled to learn about the program. None of us went to college, and we thought it would be a good idea, especially with them being freshmen. They both want to go into the medical field. The chances for them to find jobs are better with a college degree. They will have more choices. Both of them have said they want to go to SIUE.  I like that choice, because it’s close to home.” 

— Michelle Owens (Mother of Carlee O. & guardian of Banelly U. - CHS freshmen c/o 2023)

  “This program will lead her into her future, as far as establishing what she wants to do,

  which is to become a nurse.  She is an extremely intelligent, loyal, dedicated and

  respectable young lady. With God, her family and this program, she will go far.

  She is also excited about going on a college tour in the coming weeks.” 

   — Gwinetta Love (Grandmother of Kayla T. - CHS  freshman c/o 2023)



“Collinsville Community Unit School District #10 and the Board of Education are excited about the Upward Bound partnership with SIUE, and the positive impact the program will have on first-generation college students."  

Dr. Mark B. Skertich, Collinsville CUSD #10 Superintendent

“I was not familiar with the Upward Bound program initially. The SIUE team did a wonderful job educating us. I know this is going to be a successful and rewarding program for the students and the school.”  

 — David Snider, Collinsville High School Principal

“One of the great things about the Upward Bound program [is their] staff will be able to give students one-on-one counseling, meet their individual needs and expose them to college opportunities.”  

 Latoya Berry Coleman, Collinsville High School Director of Curriculum and Instruction

“Parents are emailing me nonstop about the program. They want in. We have many students here who have need, and we have limited resources in the form of counselors to help them. ”                                            — TaRael Kee, Collinsville High School Counselor 

Collinsville Kahoks.jpg


“SIUE is excited to work with Collinsville High School for the betterment of students in the area.  When I came to the school, it was clear that everyone is vested in the success of the students.”   — Timothy Staples, EdD.,  SIUE - ESLC Director