• Monday - Friday:  Staff are available for one-on-one advising                          

  • Tuesday and Thursday:  Staff are available for one-on-one academic assistance                                                                                                           

  • Thursday:  After school STEM-related college degrees and careers exploration                                                                                                    

  • First Wednesday of the month:  STEM colleges and careers trip                       

  • Second and Fourth Saturday of the month:  STEM Pre-Collegiate Academy


  • Six-week Pre-collegiate Program - includes math, science, English, foreign language, STEM projects, workshops, speakers and more!                                                                                              

  • Daily Commute - the first two weeks students are picked-up and dropped off daily                                                                                            

  • Residential -  typically the following three weeks students participate in a college-going residential experience on SIUE's campus.                                                                                                                            

  • Final (sixth) week is typically an out-of-state, 3-5 day cultural and academic trip.                                                                                            

  • Faculty Lectures and Research Experience                                                      

  • Field Trips and Guest Speakers                                                                    

  • Become familiar with various departments functions and verbiage used within the university setting (i.e., bursar, dining, financial aid, residential life, athletics department, Chancellor, student employment, student clubs/organizations, FAFSA, counseling, TRIO programs and/or first-generation college bound programs, and more!).

Our students are going to college! 

UBMS students with the highest GPA; 2019 - 1st semester

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus

SIUE's Bluff Hall -  UBMS summer housing

UBMS students reside two to a room

STEM field trip - aviation fun!


•  Academic Tutoring 

•  Academic Advising

•  Career Exposure

•  College Preparation

•  College Visits

•  Counseling 

•  Cultural Experiences​


•  Financial Assistance 

•  Guest Speakers

•  Hands-On Workshops

•  Six-Week Summer Program

•  Student Stipends

•  Individual Student Learning Plans/Goal Setting


•  Faculty-Led Instruction

•  College Research and Laboratory Experience

•  Familiarity with College Departments and Terminology

Examples:  FAFSA, Career Development, Financial Aid, Bursars Office, Admissions Office, Student Services, Student Life, Residential Living, Chancellor, Provost,  and more...

•  Soft Skills

Examples: Effective communication skills, Teamwork, Dependability,  Adaptability, Conflict resolution, Flexibility, Leadership, Problem-solving, and more...

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